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How far in advance do I need to place my order?

Custom orders take time and planning not only to create, but sometimes special ordering certain decorations/materials are required as well. That being said we ask that you give us at least one-two week notice


*Please note we can book out months in advance for customs so the more notice the better!


How far in advance do I need to book the trailer?

We need at least 2 day notice, but our trailer books out as early as months in advance!


Do I need to pay a deposit in advance?

 Bookings are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. A 50% deposit is required to officially place your order/book the any rentals. Requesting a quote does not mean you placed an order.

Do you offer delivery service?

We sure do! There is an additional fee for this service depending on total miles and is $1.25/per mile. please include and exact address when filling out the custom order form. 


*Please note all cakes over one tier require delivery. Trailer/bar rental is not an option to pick up first 25 miles are included with trailer rental.

Can my cake and desserts sit out at the event?

Yes, they can however we do not recommend letting them sit out for an extended amount of time. Keep your cake in the fridge until the start of your event! Do not leave desserts displayed in direct sunlight or outdoors during the summer months! 

Do you have insurance? 

Yes, general and liquor liability

Who provides the alcohol?

Due to state liquor laws, we can not sell you alcohol. The alcohol must be purchased by you. But don't worry! We will help you determine exactly what you need when it comes time to make that purchase. We pick up all PAID orders from Total Wine on Warner and the I-10.


How much alcohol should I order?

Please use this drink calculator below to find out how much you should expect to order (Don't


Can you fit the trailer indoors?

Our trailer can fit into indoor spaces if the door opening is at least 6'5 wide. 


Do you need power?

Our taps are "powered" by CO2 so we do not need power

to use the taps. However, we do need power for our lights and

fridge to work. We have our own extension cord and generator

if needed. 

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